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David & Krista

Super Heroes are made not born. Well, in the case of Superman…he was kind of born that way and not made. Then they’re the X-Men who were born….well, anyways…I digress. Yes…Super Heroes were represented at David and Krista’s wedding, born or made it was awesome. It was a beautiful wedding taking place during the coldest day of the year. We had a blast with the bridal party and the reception will be legendary. They didn’t fly or blast walls with their ear lobes but they knew how to love, how to celebrate and how to bring the heat on a super cold day. Congrats!

From the couple:

“Excellent! We loved working with our photographer, he was everything we expected and more. Erin was also a dream to work with, always so prompt and clear on expectations. Seppi has also been great to work with!
LOOOOVE our photographer!! So funny, and got exactly what we were wanting. It wasn’t stuffy or too formal, he really got our personalities and captured the real us. He also was so kind to put up with my friends/family…who wanted to sneak in a few photos and were a bit tipsy by that point unfortunately.
He kept us schedule! If it weren’t for him, we would have been all over the place. We ran out of time prior to the ceremony to get the photos we needed, but he was able to knock them out afterward. He was also so helpful to me, as my dress kept un-bustling. He was so sweet and helped me get it back in place.”

Wedding at The West End Ballroom

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