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Dan & Lauren

I’m so excited to do this blog post. Not only was Dan and Lauren’s wedding a complete bash, I have the one and only L’il Jon here to help me here on this post. I’m excited to talk about the wedding aren’t you L’il Jon? Yyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Alright. I’ve been looking forward to Dan and Lauren’s wedding since we did the engagement session a couple of months ago. One thing was apparent…these two love birds were down to have a good time. Whhhhhaaaattttt????? Uh…okay, this is a little awkward but uh…L’il, can you wait until I signal you before you interject? I mean…I’m the main guy you are kind of the hype man so saying stuff at random times just makes it harder to fully explain the awesomeness of Lauren and Dan’s day. Yeah…you can talk now. Ooookkkkaaayyyy!!!! Great…yes, I knew the day was going to be electric. Just the way they were around each other made it known to me that it was going to be a great time. Fellas….y’all need to follow in Dan’s footsteps when it comes to the ladies or rather a lady in this instance. Yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!! The gifts he got Lauren were freaking awesome and ridiculously thoughtful. I’m like…”c’mon man…why you have to do dudes like that….we don’t stand a chance now”. There were definitely “oohhs” and “awes” coming from the bridal suite when Lauren opened her gifts. Turn Down for Whaaaatttt!!!!! Yeah, L’il Jon…no kidding. There was definitely a hustle and bustle coming from the guys room…I mean when you got a little Guns N’ Roses playing there’s nothing else to do but you know hustle and a little bustle. Everyday I’m Bustlin’. Hey….LMFAO…there’s not need to crash this blog post. Whhhhaaatttt???? Then the time came for Dan to see Lauren. I couldn’t really tell if Dan was going to either be All Smiles or All Tears. In my opinion it could have gone either way. When Lauren finally told Dan to turn around, it was (what for it) all smiles. After some fun portraits with the bridal party and the family it was time to get ready for the ceremony. The ceremony was great and fully equipped with a poem, legal opinion, some laughs and some bigger laughs. Let’s fast forward to the reception. The party was awesome! Let’s Goooooo!!!!!!!! Dan and Lauren’s friends really know how to get down. You know who else likes to get down properly is Dan and his mom Yuni. Seriously….one of the best mother/son dances ever. She totally rocked it. After some more photos of the couple it was time to get back to the dance floor. Turn Down For Whaaatttt????!!!! That’s right L’il Jon….for what indeed. Dan and Lauren were whisked away amidst a sea of sparklers onto their limo ship breaking anchor to the rest of their lives. Yeeeeaaahhhhh!!!!!

Wedding at The Aerie at Eagle Landing

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September 3, 2015 Comments (0) Aerie at Eagle Landing

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