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Cyrus & Katie { The World Trade Center }

The holidays can bring with it a host of things. It can bring happiness, joy, gifts and cookies. It can also bring about stress to go along with gift giving, family parties not to mention pounds that come along with all of those delectable cookies that I love so much….I mean that you love so much. I can imagine that trying to plan a wedding to take place among all the holiday craziness could be stressful. Yet Cyrus and Katie put together a wonderful affair. Even Santa made a guest appearance as arranged by Sara and Crystal. The World Trade Center is magical this time of year with huge over-sized snowflakes that hang from the rafters. Katie and Nancy expertly arranged the seating so that the guests could enjoy the winter wonderment behind that couple as they took each others hand in marriage. After the ceremony and some photographs, it was time to party which was expertly handled by Shawn and the crew at Event Team Entertainment. The dance floor was filled with an abundant amount of revelers. Cyrus and Katie’s first dance was extra dreamy with them dancing among the clouds, a special concoction of awesomeness invented by Shawn. After the party it was time for the couple and I to make some photographs out on the town. There was one small caveat to that plan. Unfortunately, it rained so much we were only able to make it to two of our destinations. Cyrus and Katie were great hosts. Much thanks to the parents, Stan, Nancy, Roshan and Homiel for making the event one to remember. Congrats to Cyrus and Katie!

Wedding at The World Trade Center | Click HERE View a 360º Virtual Tour of this venue

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