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Cory & Krysta

Krysta and Cory have been together for many years now. Eight? Is that right? Wow! They started dating in junior high. And way back then, in junior high, Cory wrote Krysta a love letter. But during a breakup not long after, Krysta threw it away and it was lost forever. Or so they thought. (Spoiler alert: this is why I love the way mothers think!)

Cory, being the English major he was, wrote a few drafts of this love letter. And thank goodness for his mom who saw this letter in his trash bin those many years ago, she decided to hold onto that letter. And sure enough, Krysta and Cory got back together.
So it was today, on their wedding day, that Cory’s mother had the pleasure of surprising them with this framed love letter. What a treasure! Major major props to mama!! :) WOW!

The letter was fantastic, but it was just the icing on the cake. The entire day was full of moments they’ll forever treasure. That is, as long as the Fireball shots didn’t cloud their memories. Haha! Fantastically fun group! Krysta and Cory have the best family and the absolute best friends. It was a day to remember. And their little dog Ace was right there along side them. :) Congratulations!!

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