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Colin & Maggie { Zenith Vineyard }

Love. love. love. Maggie and Colin, I absolutely ADORE you. Your little smerks, the way you two laugh and hold each other. It was so easy to photograph you guys because it’s just in your nature to be sweet and affectionate towards one another. Maggie, you are jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Hold onto those locks because I may steal them. ;) And Colin, well, you’re a Marine. Need I say more? And you have this crooked grin that I saw come out when you saw your wife and when you danced with your mother. It’s the sweetest thing. You two are going to have a fabulous marriage and please let me know when there are cute little mini Maggie and Colin babies to photograph! Wink wink! Congratulations on your marriage and I can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

Wedding at Zenith Vineyard.

From the couple :-)

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Beyond happy in my decision in Powers and I couldn’t imagine using any other company thinking back on it!

Our photographer is fabulous!! Super fun, energetic and knows exactly what she is doing. We loved her and so did our family and friends seeing the photo results!

It put Colin and I at ease knowing that our photo results would be perfect and we had that confidence because of our photographer!

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