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Chris & Shanda { Oregon City, OR }

Where do I start with this wedding? It was amazing in so many ways! First off, Shanda and Chris are such a sweet couple and were so fun to get to know and photograph. Chris wasn’t quite sure how he’d do with all the photo shoot ideas we had planned, but he warmed up to the camera (and his gorgeous bride) quickly. He was a natural! Shanda was simply radiant and shared her infectious smile and laugh with everyone throughout the day. All went perfectly as planned at a gorgeous private residence in Oregon City. Friends and family were welcomed by stunning and heartfelt hand painted signs that were created by the bride’s sister and the feast included a decadent array of desserts all handmade earlier that day by relatives and friends. There were many personal touches, but Max, the groom’s 7 year old son…was most memorable. Shanda and Chris included him in several sweet moments throughout the day, letting everyone know that this marriage was also about the three of them uniting as a family. Max summed it up perfectly when he loudly shouted ”I do!!” during the ceremony right after Shanda extended her ”vows” to him. There was a roar of laughter. But also not a dry eye in the place. What a beautiful couple, sweet family, and fun day! I was so thrilled to be a part of each and every moment.

From the couple :-)

We loved all the prep work so you knew what our “style/look” was pre-wedding day which took all the stress away

I loved our photographer. She made us feel very comfortable and met with us a few times before the wedding which was wonderful. She put in that extra effort. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She spent time looking at the pinterest page I had set up with wedding pic ideas and wedding themes we liked, even bringing pics of the poses I liked so we could set up the poses quickly. She made us laugh and made us very comfortable. All the friends and family enjoyed her as well

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