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Chris & Mera

So, here I am at Timberline Lodge. Contrary to the rest of summer so far, this day is colder than a witches backside but I don’t care. I’m noticing how Chris is looking at his new wife, Mera. I’ve been noticing all day. The look in his eye when she walked down the aisle. The smile during the first dance. They are like magnets….when you get them a little close, they instantly fall into each others embrace. They are so into each other and it’s great to see. Little touches here and there, glances and hand holding if only for a few doesn’t matter because to them, a few seconds is preferable than none. I can probably drone on and on about the day, the photos etc. No….because this ladies and gentlemen is true freaking love. The. End.

Wedding at Timberline Lodge

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September 19, 2015 Comments (0) Timberline Lodge

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