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Cheryl & Javier { First Baptist Church }

Cheryl and Javier’s wedding was not only a joyous celebration for all the regular reasons, it was also the first time a lot of Javier’s Puerto Rican family members visited Portland, Oregon. While Cheryl’s family reconnected with their Portland roots, Javier’s relatives spent time falling in love with Cheryl’s hometown. The SW Park blocks, where we spent some time shooting before the ceremony, were especially significant to Cheryl & Javier because of the Portland sign, a nod to Cheryl’s love of the Pacific Northwest, and the Portland Art Museum, as Cheryl is connected to the art world. As an architecture buff, Javier appreciated the historical significance of many of the buildings in this part of the city, as well as the church that had been selected as their wedding venue. It was a beautiful day to spend soaking up the ambiance of downtown Portland and to document such an important day for this beautiful couple, so in love and surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

Reception at the University Club.

Wedding coordinated by Bridal Bliss.

From the couple :-)

The process was more involved than what I expected, but it made things clear and gave us very good service.

Our photgorapher was very easy to work with. She had a lot of images to shoot and she stayed very focused. She kept us on schedule. She always shot whatever I suggested.She had lots of nice things to say and she complimented Javier and me in a very genuine way. She worked very hard for a long time and even did impressive acrobatic moves to try to get the perfect shot.

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