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Caytie & Greg

There’s no story, no long winded diatribe that can truly encapsulate Caytie and Greg’s Central Oregon wedding. Instead, I’m just going to recap some of the things that happened that will make me laugh, think and appreciate what transpired one hot Saturday in August back in 2014. I will remember Caytie jumping out of the make-up chair to give me a hug when we arrived because that pretty much sums up Caytie as a person. I won’t forget the text message Greg sent Caytie explaining how excited he was to be marrying his best friend. I know that the phrase “marrying my best friend” is kind of cliche but in this case ladies and gentlemen it’s the real deal Hollyfield. I will remember Caytie’s sisters talking about things while helping Caytie with her dress that included phrases like, “the dirty” and the “oh bleep kit”. I will remember the torture I put Greg through taking my time bringing Caytie to see him for the first time. I will remember Jeannette, trying to valiantly to hold back tears of joy as the day unfolded. I could almost sense that he was in pain as he heard Caytie walk up behind him and not being able to turn around to see her…….just yet. I will remember when Bear decided to use the golf course as his personal back scratcher after he was just given a bath. He was so adorable though in the photos. I will remember the bridal party as it literally was a walking party. I will remember Dax giving the most half hearted fist pump known to man as Scott from Ambient Sky was trying to pump up the crowd. I will giggle at the thought of seeing Russ…just wobbling along, as fast as he could, an embodiment of The Little Engine we’ve all read about as children. I will remember Jim, recovering from pure disaster, falling off a moving golf cart and being able to save most of his beer. I will remember Golf Cart-mageddon. I will think about Dave and his speech before the ceremony all the while forgetting to tell people to sit down and then I’ll remember all the people standing, refusing to sit down until told because Dave had that much respect. I will remember the 10 minutes during the ceremony where I felt like I was on the surface of the sun and wondering how the guys and and Jen didn’t just call a timeout to go cool off in the shade. I will remember that after the ceremony, it seemed everyone wanted to give Caytie and Greg a hug because they loved the couple that much. I will remember when I took the couple out real quick for some photographs, the first thing they did was hug each other so tightly because they were each other’s respite from the wedding craziness. I will fondly remember the shots I got during sunset that made me give myself a high five. Yes….I gave myself a high five…it’s not as awkward as it sounds and I think we all should do that from time to time. I will picture Caytie and Greg’s first dance to Let’s Stay Together from Al Green, and Greg soulfully serenading his bride moving like nobody has ever moved during a first dance. I will remember the toasts which made some people laugh and cry and cry from laughing. I will remember sorority sisters, wedding crashers, people shaking what their momma and their momma’s momma gave them. I will remember the graciousness by which everyone in the family and friends embraced me with while I was “working” with them. I will remember OOOOOOO, SSSSSSSS, UUUUUUU. I will remember giving Greg a hug with my face ending up in his chest because Greg is 6’4 and I’m 5’6 sooooo….yeah. I will also remember thinking….”Huh….this is probably what Wayne feels like”. I will remember seeing the moon in it’s singular brightness while taking a photo of Greg and Caytie and thinking that they, as a couple, being similar to this moon. Their love is big, their love is bright and when you need it, as a friend, family or even as a wedding photographer, they will do what they can to light your path. To end I will quote Brian, Greg’s 50 year old brother in law, “Choose Well, Choose Wise, Choose Once”. Greg and Caytie…..yours will be one of the greats. Thank you for having me at your wedding.

Wedding at Aspen Lakes Golf Course

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