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Cameron & Colleen

So I get this phone call from an excited, but nervous Cameron telling me about the trip to the US he and his girlfriend will be taking. He wants to propose on an Oregon beach and wants me there for the surprise!

I show up early & set up on the beach like I’m taking pictures of birds, rocks or whatever & I see the couple walking the beach in the distance. Mind you we’ve never met but my camera was a give away :-)

As they get closer Cameron gives me a hand signal on the sly, I casually nod & continue my feaux nature photo session.
They accidentally walked in fornt of me, perfect! She says oh so sorry! no worries ;-)

They continue up the beach for a ways & I follow like a stalker, he drops to a knee and slips the ring on her finger… she said yes!!!

We did a fun but windy engagement shoot and off they went to dinner. This is exactly why I love being a photographer. To be let in to peoples moments, to be there for them and experience through my lens their love.

Congrats guys!
I would love to shoot your wedding too hinthint**

September 3, 2014 Comments (0) Engagement Sessions

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