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Brittney & Nick {Lake Tahoe}

It is true that Brittney was a beautiful bride, and Nick was quite stunning. But what made their wedding extra special were the people who attended. It wasn’t so much that they came from all over for this destination wedding, but rather the spirit that they brought. As the bridesmaids were about to walk down the isle, the sky opened up and the rain came down. Normally guests would run for cover, and it effect their feeling on the event. Not this crowd! For the next 15 minutes it turned into a party. People stayed outside in the rain. Some covered their hair with the programs, while a few hid under trees, but everyone stayed outside and celebrated. At one point a golf cart arrived and drinks magically appeared. After about 15 minutes a decision was made, and the venue moved inside, where the smiling… and wet guests, moved for an emotionally touching celebration of the love between Brittney and Nick.


From the couple:

I was extremely impressed with the whole process, from the interview to the final product.  I feel as though taking the time to go through the details made this experience super easy as it was nothing we needed to wory about on our big day.  I am impressed with Powers and have recomended them to our friends whom are getting married.

Jay was outstanding! I mean we really can’t say enough about him, he made it seemless and had an extremely good handle what was going on, when to step in and when to step back.  He did a great job, he has a great personality and really made it fun.


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