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Brian & Kimber { Green Villa Garden }

All this time that I have known Kimber and Brian I thought Brian was this tough ex-military guy. I love it when I am surprised at weddings! With everyone’s emotions running high and all that happens at weddings I saw Brian’s true colors. I loved seeing the way he looked at his bride, I know this one will last! I really enjoyed being a part of their big day!

Wedding at Green Villa Garden.

From the couple :-)

We felt comfortable through the whole process and experience.

Our photographer was amazing. She made sure to get whatever shots we wanted as well as make the day feel comfortable. She took the time to make sure we go what we wanted out our photography experience.

September 26, 2012 Comments (0) Green Villa

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  1. Kimber Sayer says:

    We absolutely loved working with Laurel. She made us feel relaxed and the pictures feel comfortable. Nothing over possed or froced, just nautral. She really captured the special moment from the day. We are so thankful that she was our photographer.

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