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Brandon & Jennifer

There are some things that are done or said at a wedding that should never be seen. Though, when they are seen, they can never be unseen. While things can never be unseen the things that people saw can be the stuff of legend. Never mind the fact that things that were unseen in the present will be seen in the future when the photographs are done and will forever be available for all to see. This is all mind blowing. Please take a minute to compose yourself. Jennifer and Brandon’s wedding was held at the West End Ballroom and was on point. I will venture to say it was one of the funnest weddings I’ve ever been apart of. From the start Jennifer and Brandon had a smile on their face ready to get their party started. I dare say that Brandon’s eyes got misty as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. Words were said, laughter was…uh…laughed and high fives were given and the world had it’s newest version of a Mr. and Mrs. I won’t name names but the speech from a certain groomsmen will sit on my personal Mt. Olympus of greatest speeches ever. It was funny, heartfelt and a little uncomfortable. To quote Jennifer, “Sorry Grandma!”. To quote Brandon, “…….”. It was hard to talk when his face was buried in his hand. Sometimes greatness has to break some boundaries. In closing….this; Marcus….that “thing” that happened will never be unseen…nor should it. Viva La Weddings!!

Wedding at The West End Ballroom

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