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Ashley & Adam at Mt. Hood Skibowl

Oh, Ashley and Adam, you are the meaning of true love!
Even though the beginning of the day at Mt. Hood SkiBowl started off rainy and cloudy, it didn’t stop this amazing couple from telling me, “we don’t care if there is a little rain, we still want to do our first look outside!”. After they said this, there was a sudden break in the weather, the rain stopped, the wind settled and the sun broke through the clouds, I seriously believe this is because Ashley and Adam had total faith that no matter what they were going to have the most perfect wedding day ever, and oh they so did!! I can not express how abaosulety amazing it was to photograph their wedding day, they are so clearly in love, not to mention so much fun to be around! My time with them flew by and by the end of the night, I felt like we had become the closest of friends. Here is to you Ashley and Adam, may your love last for all of eternity!!

September 25, 2019 Comments (0) Mt. Hood Skibowl

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