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Anu & Chaz { The Overlook House }

Chaz & Anu have an extraordinary story of fate that goes to show you how if one domino had been missing in the row, they may never have met. Their lives collided, two people from across the world, and they were never the same. It was a pleasure and honor to photograph their wedding. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Hastings!

Wedding at The Historic Overlook House.

From the couple :-)

It’s been great working with Powers. We felt totally at ease from day one trusting Powers with one of the most crucial parts of our wedding experience. Erin is very prompt on email and was very patient with my several questions!

 Sara was AMAZING! Always smiling, she has a calm and positive energy which helped us tremendously. She kept taking amazing pictures but it was hard to tell she was even there! So many of our friends and relatives made a special mention of how professional and quick the photographer was. She was never in anyone’s way. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Thanks for assigning her to us!

According to our original timeline, we were supposed to give Sara a half hour dinner break. But we were running behind schedule and couldn’t give her a break at all. She just went on without a word of complaint. She saw to it that she was there to capture all the important moments. She definitely deserves a bonus! She was so easy to work with and extremely cooperative.


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