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Anne & Levin

Anne and Levin were all smiles when we met a few weeks ago to talk about photography for their wedding day. The plan was simple. Since all of the festivities were happening at Memorial Lutheran Church, start there about an hour before the ceremony and then stay through to end of the reception. Family members and friends helped make the chapel and reception hall look beautiful for this intimate celebration. And if you’ve ever been to a Filipino gathering, you know family is bringing some tasty treats to eat as well. This food line definitely didn’t disappoint! After a wonderful traditional ceremony, and dozens of pictures with family members, friends and sponsors, including one with Levin smiling next to Mom while she was watching on her phone from the Philippines, the food and dance floor were finally ready for us! You can tell this wedding was special for everyone who was a part of it. I felt love and good vibes from the whole group from the moment I walked into the church. I’m sure Mom even felt it all the way across the Pacific! Congratulations to the whole family!

April 8, 2016 Comments (0) Memorial Lutheran Church

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