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Anne & Andrew {Mt. Hood Organic Farms}

Andrew and Anne had a breathtakingly gorgeous wedding out at Mt. Hood Organic Farms. I absolutely love shooting at that venue. It is epic. The couple and I really wanted to try for some star shots, so I waited until the very tail end of the evening for the stars to fully appear. It was definitely worth the wait, as we got both Mt. Hood AND the center of the Milky Way rising in the frame.


From the couple:

Peter was a quiet giant.  He got amazing shots, was always up in the mix, but I seemed to never notice he was there.  Soft spoken but in control and with a great eye. He stayed late with us so he could get some night shots.  He spent time with us asking what we wanted and how he could best accommodate us during the day and really worked hard to make the formals less intrusive on our celebration.  He was better than expected and really worked around our wishes, including a magical milky way shot. I will be recommending Powers.

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