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Amanda & Will { Cathedral Park }

Amanda and Will had a unique situation for me. Amanda was moving to Hawaii for a couple of months for an optometry internship and Will was busy in Texas pursuing his Air Force career as an instructor pilot. The only time we would be able to meet and do their engagement session would be the day we picked. It’s hard enough planning a wedding, and adding distance between the couple, I’m sure, makes it a little more challenging. When I met Amanda and Will it was instantly apparent that they had it all taken care of. So easy going and comfortable with each other. One of the issues with planning something so far in advance, especially in the Northwest is the weather. Quite frankly, the days forecast was not looking too good. 90% chance of rain is something you definitely do not want to see the day of a shoot. To quote, Amanda, ”We’re excited for the session, rain or shine.”. They definitely brought their A game and as luck would have it, it was clear for the hour or so we were shooting. The location they choose was great as well. The thing about Cathedral Park is that it’s so majestic. I love the bridge and big landings and stairs. The name fits it so well. It’s kind of funny that even when we weren’t taking photos, Amanda and Will would just naturally pose together lovingly, enjoying their time together. Yes, planning a wedding is hard and being apart is hard but Amanda and Will are posed to dominate their planning just as they did their engagement session. I’m excited about their wedding and I’m sure they are too!!

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