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Amanda & Will { Bridgeport Brewery }

Picture this. (Get it…see what I did there…I’m a photographer and you know, picture….you see) A photographer is running down a street in NW Portland holding a light stand and his camera. Not far behind him is a Best Man holding another light stand and an umbrella. A Bride and a Groom are also running. As we are passing by the reception site a grooms man who was looking for us sees us running and yells out, ”What are you guys doing?!”. The Groom yells back, ”Max….photo….”. Groomsman, looks puzzled for a second then says, ”Let’s gooooooooo!!!”. This in a nutshell is how my day with Amanda and Will went. You see, we were trying to get a shot of the Max going by behind Amanda and Will and we kept missing it. One time it turned, another it went away from us. We all saw an opportunity and just went for it and IT WAS AWESOME. We first met via email so many months ago. At the time Amanda was living in on an island and Will was living under the big stars in Texas. They were both going to be in Portland at the same time, but our window for the Engagement Session was small and well, weather in the NW is a little dicey. We made it work and made some pretty sweet photographs. Let’s fast forward to a couple days ago. We started out at University of Portland and the day was fan-freaking-tastic. Breezy and bright. The ceremony was great and ended with the couple walking out under a sabre arch in true Air Force fashion and to the crowd waving tassels and cheering. After formals we busted downtown for some cool shots around the Pearl then moved on to Bridgeport Brewery. After the Max shot which was so cool, we moved inside for some epic dancing. It was such a great day and I can’t thank Amanda and Will enough for having me at their celebration. Those Air Force guys know how to party.

From the couple :-)

Great! thanks, Erin, for being so quick to respond to e-mails and so flexible with the booking package that we had chosen. Great work!

Our photographer was awesome. He was literally running down the streets of Portland with us at our wedding to capture a great shot – went above and beyond. also: took care of the photos that I would have forgotten with the craziness of the day (ex: our ring photos).

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