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Alysia & Matt

You can learn more about a couple during the toasts than at any other point during the wedding day. Colin, one of the groomsmen described the bride as a beautiful perfect fish. The first time I’ve ever heard a fish used as a metaphor for a woman but you know, whatever floats your boat. I also learned that the Skagit Valley is home to the most beautiful flower of all and that flower is the Tulip. If you have an abundance of of beautiful flowers, you must create a celebration to you know…celebrate stuff. You can’t celebrate stuff unless you appoint a person…a sort of ambassador, some say a princess to represent your celebration. It turns out that Matt, the groom, was the person who was selected to carry on such a task. It wasn’t his Tulip ambassador/princessership that initially hooked Alysia. Actually, as mentioned by many that day….Alysia couldn’t really figure out Matt initially. What I figured out is that Alysia and Matt are two wonderful, caring and fun people. We had a lot of fun capturing some awesome images. The family and friends were great to meet and to hang out with. Congrats to Matt and Alysia

From the couple:

“Our overall experience was amazing! Everyone was very helpful and patient with our requests.
Our photographer was wonderful! He meet with us several times to go over our photo list and to get to know us. He is a wonderful person and we hope to be able to work with him again in the future.
He meet with us 3 times and he was very patient with our kind of crazy friends throughout the night. When he took pictures of us on the pier he was running back and forth to make sure everything was right.”

Wedding at The Foundry at Oswego Pointe

Check out their blog on The Foundry’s page, too!

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