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Alison & Matt

Silver Falls State Park is such a fun location for a wedding. Your guests can come the night before and stay over, go swimming, and then get ready for your wedding. It ends up being a fun weekend with friends and family. It is also a beautiful location to photograph.

This venue was a perfect fit for Matt & Alison’s flower kissed summer wedding. It started with the lovely fresh flowers decorating the ceremony and carried by Alison. Next was Alison’s amazing personal touch to her dress, hand painted red flowers that lined the bottom. And the final touch were hand made flowers by Alison’s Mother that sat in jars of salt (a nod to Alison’s love of salt) on the tables at the reception.

However even with all of that my favorite thing about the day was just watching Alison and Matt together. We had met a few days before and you could see a bit of that wedding planning fatigue in them, but on the day of they let go to the experience and being present for whatever that might be. And what it was, was an amazing celebration between two people who so obviously love and care for each other deeply. Along side the family and friends who love and support them.

Congratulations you two!

August 16, 2017 Comments (1) Silver Falls State Park

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  1. Jeff and Molly says:

    May your lives together be filled with every happiness!!

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