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Alexis & Tyler { Inn at Diamond Woods }

Alexis and Tyler tied the knot at the beautiful Inn at Diamond Woods in Monroe Oregon. It was a hot day but the heat only added more warmth to the love between the couple and their special day. So much thought went into the details! A small locket containing Alexis’ grandfather’s photo was attached to her bouquet. The couple’s name and wedding date was stitched inside the wedding gown. She had ”I Do” written on the bottom of her shoes and his read, ”She’s Mine”. There were also unforgettable moments. When the ring bearer came walking up the aisle with the flower girls. He ran down a small hill in a zig zag motion wearing a sign that read ”Here comes the bride. ” As the couple exchanged their vows, both tried their best to hold back tears, well maybe more Tyler then Alexis. :) The money dance was awfully cute when a little boy came up to ask the bride for a dance.

It was definitely a fun wedding to photograph. During the formal photo shoot for the bride and her bridesmaids, the groomsmen decided to crash the girls’ session. Chris, the father of the bride showed his dance moves during a Prince song.

Thank you Alexis and Tyler for sharing your special day with me. It was unforgettable!

From the couple :-)

Overall Powers was wonderful to work with, especially Erin; Always answered my questions right away and was so helpful.

Kim was great to work with. I’ve seen a few pictures from our blog and she does amazing work! I could tell she knew what shots would look good as she was very helpful in telling us what way to pose and where to take the pictures.

 One thing that I thought was great with Kim, we had hired a 2nd photographer and he was suppose to show up at 2:30; Apparently he was stuck in traffic which we found out after the fact, but she rushed downstairs to the guys and started taking pictures of them so we wouldn’t miss any shots of the guys getting ready. I really appreciated that.

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