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Alexis & Cassie { McMenamins Grand Lodge }

The Beatles once sang that ”All you need is love”. I think it encompasses more than just relationships and things of that sort. It can also describe a day as well. Cassie and Alexis, I believe, took that to heart on their wedding day. Weather could not damper their mood. When you are in love and are ready and more than ready to get married, nothing else matters…nothing. I remember seeing Alexis’ reaction when Cassie came down the aisle. It wasn’t that he was grinning ear to ear…it was more than affection, it was the look on his face of complete content. Finally it was happening, the next step to the rest of their lives. The vows were killer. They were both so heartfelt and genuine and funny. After the ”I Do’s” were done and the first kiss was accomplished, a surprise. I’d like to think that I’ve seen everything but this was the first wedding were I witnessed everybody getting ”Rickrolled”. It was awesome. That pretty much summed up the crowd, the couples friends and the couple themselves. After the rain let up the true light show began. The sky was quite simply breathtaking and we got to take full advantage of it. A nineties music artist once sang about rain on a wedding day but on this day, it didn’t matter. Only love mattered this day.

Wedding held at McMenamins Grand Lodge!

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