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AJ & Rachel { Hawks View Cellars }

I absolutely LOVE this couple. They are entirely immersed in love and happiness. It is so clear how much they are in love with each other, but also how much love they emit to everyone around them. Rachel was the coolest bride ever. Entirely relaxed, easy going and ready for this day. AJ was the most ecstatic groom I’ve ever seen. They were gorgeous and so was the venue at their very own vineyard… Hawks View Cellars. The view couldn’t get any better than this… rolling vineyard hills that open wide to Mt. Hood and an expansive sky. Full of class and beauty. Very reflective of the couple who run it. It was also very clear how much people care for Rachel and AJ. It’s not every wedding that a friend puts so much time into baking beautiful cupcakes or making all the bouquets. That is truly a labor of love! During the dinner, two lovely ladies approached me to profess how amazing this couple is. Although I loved listening, they didn’t have to tell me… I already knew.

From the couple :-)

Briena was fantastic! A great energy and artist to add to our special day!

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