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Adam & Paje

Adam & Paje were co-workers first and then became friends… But when Adam tried to take things to the next level, Paje refused, thinking it was best to keep things uncomplicated. Luckily, Adam was persistent and when Paje finally agreed to go on a date with him, she soon realized he was the one she had been looking for all along.

Because their close family and friends had witnessed each step of their slow transition from friends to fiances, their wedding was a festive, travel-themed affair full of love set at the gorgeous Sentinel Hotel. In addition to including a hand-fasting ceremony from Paje’s beloved Scotland into their ceremony, they also included the Danish traditions of kissing the bride when the groom leaves the room (and vice versa), standing on chairs to kiss when glasses are clinked, and joyful ceilidh dancing. It was a wonderful way to engage people in the traditions Adam and Paje loved, while also making their event unique.

I had an amazing time documenting the love that Adam and Paje share and all the celebrations on the day of their wedding. Congrats to the happy bride & groom!

Wedding at Sentinel Hotel

October 9, 2015 Comments (0) Sentinel

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